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Office 365 Login For Internet Explorer on PC or Safari on Mac

To use your Aberdeen College Office365 account please visit

To use your Aberdeen College Office365 account on your Mobile Phone please follow the instructions at

Please be aware that works best with at least Internet Explorer 7 on Windows.

1: In the ‘UserID’ box as above enter your, don’t enter a password yet.

1.1: If your student number is 10000481 enter

1.2: Click the ‘Sign in’ button. You will not be able to enter your password at this point.

2: If you are using Internet Explorer on a Windows 7 PC inside the College you will now be logged in.
If you are at home or inside the College using Safari on a Mac please continue with Step 3.

3: Click the ‘Sign in at’ link.

4: When the login box appears as below please enter your as described above and your current password.

5: You will now be logged in to Office365.

If you experience any issues with the above guide please contact the Student Helpdesk in the Information & Booking Centre between 10am and 4pm.