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Blackboard is the College’s Virtual Learning Environment (or VLE). Blackboard makes it possible to access learning materials over the internet, in class and at home. The software contains information about your courseand even allows you to communicate with lecturers and other learners.

You can access Blackboard even when you are not in College so you can easily catch-up or revise materials covered in class. Every course uses Blackboard differently but you might use Blackboard in your course to access interactive learning materials, record what you do or take assessments. Many courses use Interactive Materials, Streaming Videos or Podcasts.

Information and resources available in Blackboard include:

  • Course announcements
  • Course handbooks
  • Lecture notes and handouts
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Tests and quizzes
  • Discussion boards, virtual classrooms
  • Online resources, Blogs, Wikis

You can access Blackboard from the StudentNet homepage or Blackboard. For further information on Blackboard, have a look at the Blackboard Pocket Guide.